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Keema Naan


Brand: Droid Infotech

INR 80.00

Keema Naan 

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Weight:0.05 Kg or litre

Category :Commodities

Stock : 1000

Keema naan with hari chatni

You really don’t need to do a lot of work to make the keema taste just right when preparing to make your Indian restaurant style keema naans.

Some chefs simply mince the meat really well and season it with salt and pepper. That works because they keema naans are usually served with lots of other flavourful dishes. 

Me? I like to do a little more but how much work you go to is completely down to you. 

I use a dumbed down version of my seekh kebab meat recipe which you will find here. Actually, I don’t use a recipe at all. I just throw things in that sound good as the following photos demonstrate. 

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